Grand Hotel Sol y Mar

With the historic Peñón de Ifach in the background, an unusual hotel rises in Calpe. For the restoration of this imposing hotel adults only, we have counted on the collaboration of the interior design studio Xavier Pastor, whom we have had the pleasure of interviewing to know more about the interior design in a hotel.

Momocca – What need did you want to cover when you carried out this project?

Xavier Pastor: For the conception of the spaces of the lobby and the Urban Room, our need was to have separating elements of spaces that would serve, as well, as decoration, storage and, in addition, be attractive. In the case of the Urban Room, we also wanted to have a television area with reading room complements. In the case of the lobby, we wanted to create an elegant and attractive waiting room where we could wait pleasantly reading the press stored in these dividing elements.

M- Who is it for? What peculiarity can this profile have?

X- On this occasion, the group Sol y mar hoteles was immersed in a new conception of unusual hotels where children would be missed.

The complex is born from the premise of being a hotel only for adults, so the aesthetics of it is given by this need.

The philosophy of the Sol y Mar group proposes a hotel with the aesthetics of a city at the foot of the beach and that has been our common thread for this project.

M- What were your inspiration references?

X- More than a reference, I would say that inspiration comes from the creative process itself. As I said, we had some premises, a path on which to walk, and on which we let our imagination fly.

I’m of the opinion that inspiration has to come from working in a way that we did: for the two lobby and waiting room areas we created two completely different environments so that the customer experience would be surprising and innovative.

M- We find the choice of gold finishes on structures opposed to dark woods in both architecture and furniture striking, why is that?

X- The selection of materials is preceded by the project. It was a reform in which we already had a base, and that is that the floor was marble cream and ivory tones.  This situation forced us to focus our criteria on complementary materialities and tonalities. The golden chromatic ranges, the walnut … everything worked very well with the base.

I discovered Momocca at the Salon Habitat Valencia 2017, once you find something you like, you just look for an excuse to use it.

Xavier Pastor, interior design of this project

M- And finally, why did you choose Momocca as one of the brands to equip the spaces?

X- I discovered Momocca at the Habitat 2017 Fair and the truth is that I kept that reference because I liked what I saw. From there, I simply looked for a project that could fit some of their references, so when the Sol y Mar project arrived I knew it was the perfect project. When you see something you like, you look for an excuse that allows you to use it. In the case of Momocca, I really like your collections.

Momocca Julia Collection Hotel Sol y Mar Calpe

Momocca would like to thank the Xavier Pastor studio for counting on us in their latest project and for giving us this interview. Photograph taken by Germán Cabo.