Madrid Boutique Apartments: Gran Vía

La Gran Vía of Madrid has a new set of 55 boutique apartments with a special and very careful interior design, which revolves around various pieces from the Momocca collections. Victor Duma, architect in charge of the interior design together with María José Gómez Martín and Julia Íñiguez, tells us the details and inspiration of the contract interior design project.

Adara Modern sideboard tv furniture Momocca

Momocca – What need did you want to cover when carrying out this project?

Victor Duma – The project revolves around the creation of tourist accommodation for short stays in the city center of Madrid. Our boutique apartments cover the same needs as a hotel, but offering a more personal, welcoming and independent environment.

Adara Momocca modern sideboard
The versatility of Adara and Julia collections makes them adapt to different spaces and to every type of apartment, being equally elegant and functional pieces.
Victor Duma, project interior designer

M – To whom is it addressed? What peculiarity can this profile have?

V.D. – Both because of its location and its interior design, the project is aimed at people who are looking for something different and special during their stay. Therefore, the furniture chosen seeks to highlight and break with the usual environment that accompanies us in our daily lives.

M – What is its location?

V.D. – The apartments are located in Gran Vía de Madrid, number 42, overlooking Plaza del Callao.

Banco Julia Momocca en hotel boutique Madrid

M – What were your inspiration references?

V.D. – The first piece that becomes a source of inspiration is yours. Its curved shapes, materials, textures and finishes gradually became the guiding thread of all interior design. For this reason, from the black metallic profile, so present in the sideboards, the moulding of the ceilings was created, lighting elements were sought, tables and seats that also had it.

Interior design hotel furniture by Momocca

V.D. – The bedside tables, mirrors and the whole bathroom breathe the same elegant aesthetics, highlighting the black profiles in each of the components. In the same way, it was moved to the decoration in the form of small details such as the black line that divides the curtains and cushions. All the furniture and decoration were equalized based on the tones and colours of the stained walnut wood, in order to unify the interior of the rooms.

Vestidor Julia Momocca en Hotel Boutique Madrid

V.D. – At all times the aim was to ensure that the elements stood out, being able to live among them, with common details that would bring coherence to the whole.

The versatility of Adara sideboards and Julia’s sideboards and shelves combines perfectly with the diversity of our apartments. As each of them has its own characteristics and requires specific solutions in each space.

Being able to turn a Julia bookshelf into a valet stand with a coat rack was another of the keys to resolving interior design in other spaces, as it is both practical and interesting.

hotel boutique madrid interiorismo Momocca

M – And finally, why did you choose Momocca as one of the brands to equip the spaces?

V.D. – Mª Jose Gómez, responsible for Design, was looking for a singular aesthetic to follow. Both for its formal line and for its materials and finishes, from which to develop the project. After getting to know Momocca and knowing that it is made up of young entrepreneurs who seek to do and contribute something different to the world of design, he decided on his pieces so that they would constitute the central axis.

The versatility of the Adara and Julia collections makes them adapt to different spaces and to each type of apartment. Being equally elegant and functional pieces.

Interior design hotel furniture by Momocca

From Momocca we would like to thank the SmartRentals Collection team for counting on us in their latest contract interior design project to provide a solution capable of adapting to different needs and contract spaces.

Photograph made by Germán Cabo.
Collections: Julia (coat rack and shelf), Adara (sideboards and TV furniture).