The place for health and tranquility in Shanghai

If you live in Asia, Shanghai for example, and you work for a very stressful industry, Fashion for example, you must know how easy it can be to get claustrophobically overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it’s all normal, we have all been there. But let me tell you that your plan to get wasted trying to forget your long working days is not going work. If you really crave for an easy Shanghai escape you must invest your “party hard” weekend budget to go to Moganshan and naked Stables is exactly where you should go.

Naked Stables is not just another resort within easy reach of Shanghai, but it’s the place for health and tranquility, for long easy hours of reading and dreaming, for true rest and refreshment, for rambles through scenery to which every new turn and almost every hour of the day lends a special grace, a new suggestion.

True to its name, ‘naked’, is the experience that will subtly influence your lifestyle forward new simple, healthy and sustainable habits; that dose of green energy that will not only maintain your great vibes until you’ll return home but will boost for weeks until your next stay.

Lourdes Coll

Arquitecta y diseñadora de mobiliario. Con una gran sensibilidad hacia los espacios elegantes y singulares, Lourdes es una enamorada de los interiores sofisticados y siente debilidad por los detalles exclusivos y únicos.

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