Julia Collection is a fully configurable furniture system. The nickel-plated steel structures give the vertical dimension, while the DM and oak veneer or natural walnut shelves give the horizontal dimension to the set. The exquisite touch is provided by the sliding panels, upholstered on both sides with infinite possibilities of color.

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A new storage system for a new lifestyle

Move it arround, expand it or add more colours. High quality matherials in different options allow you to play with colours and expressions to create peronalised designs. Julia is not just a piece of furniture, it’s a big, open canvas.

Inspired in freedom, Julia is fresh and simple, looking spaces with personality to tell a different story. Freestanding, stylish and genuine design. Cover it with memories and alter the transparency of the shelving as desired. Put your life in display.

It offers boundless possibilities to create different types of furniture, always looking for light and elegant spaces. Televison sets, sideboards, shelves, space divisors, desks, coffe tables and any furniture you can imagine. Create without limits.