Much is said about the iridescent effect, but do we know what and how to apply it to our creations?

“Iridescence is an optical phenomenon characterized as the property of certain that appear to gradually change colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes” but what does iridescence have to do with design or interior design?

Rosi Li

In a sector that always seeks to innovate and surprise, iridescence has much to contribute. This definition adapts to new times going from an optical effect, in which, depending on the angle of illumination, we can see the colours of the rainbow on surfaces as common as soap bubbles, being applied to industrial design.

A “visual show” that has been the inspiration for renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Rosie Li, or Elise Luttick.  Designer who incorporated these drawings into their designs. Original creations that change colour depending on the angle in which it is perceived. This characteristic allows the same piece of furniture or decoration, to generate infinite possibilities.

Elise Luttik
Tom Dixon

But iridescence is not exclusive to design. Its potential creating spaces has already captivated numerous architects, who adapt it to their projects as an endless supply of creativity.

In fact, they take advantage of this for the creation of new architectural concepts.

The results are constructions that change colour according to the moment of the day. A play of lights and shadows in street level and admirable by all.

The buildings are now works of art that are integrated into a city that moves away from the conception of grey place, without personality, to become a neuralgic point of creativity and colour.


If architecture and industrial design are benefiting from this feature, can we incorporate iridescence into our interior design? Yes, of course.

Our advice is to always apply the iridescent touch in small details: decorative elements, accessories or wall paintings within a careful environment, with selected furniture which brings harmony.

The combination of lights from iridescence with pure and natural surfaces is perfect. Elements such furniture of the Adara Collection, since the composition details can be configured by selecting pure and natural materials. A striking and daring contrast to create a space of marked personality and unquestionable originality.

Aesop Wynwood

If you want to go beyond or take “more risks”, you can find infinite possibilities within the furniture and decoration, in which iridescence is a determining factor, as we have seen before.

As you can see, iridescence opens the way as a groundbreaking proposal that contrasts with the prevailing trends of the moment, with a minimalist aspect and neutral colours. A balance between the intangible, transparency and colour. A visual game that complements the wonder of any interior design and that we are sure will mark many of the present and future trends.

Momocca Design