How to create a different retail space

Furniture that helps you transmit feelings

Creating a point of sale that stands out and impacts is essential to stand out from your competition. Product layout, lighting, space…

Everything must revolve around a strategy that allows you to generate visual impact and attract your customers.

When it comes to spaces in commercial places, you can opt for various options. In this case, Twin&Chic sought to generate a beautiful space, which attracted mainly by generating serenity and calm through the choice of its colors, through the beauty of the furniture and the product selection.

That is why this Spanish fashion firm dermosaludable and sustainable for girls, boys and babies, from 3 months to 10 years, has chosen Momocca. The perfect collection to create this project has been Julia, which adapts perfectly thanks to its triple modularity in configurations, measures and finishes.

Mobiliario Retail Momocca

Choice of materials

The materials are all in the final result of the furniture. The main idea of this project was for the furniture to be elegant, stylish and to help generate a feeling of spaciousness.

What has been the selection of finishes for the furniture in this beautiful corner?

First of all, wood, the main protagonist, has been chosen skin oak, a wood that gives warmth and that connects with the most current domestic aesthetic.

Secondly, the top, in carrara marble, which gives that plus of elegance and quality while transmitting feelings of freshness and luminosity.

The structure with solid blonde becomes a perfect case.

The upholstery of the panels has been made with its own fabric, using a floral print of the brand, to integrate its visual identity into the furniture.

Praise your product and seduce with it

Including such unique furniture in a commercial space conveys not only the feeling of taking care of the details, but also wanting to offer your customers something more thanks to a product exhibition that is praised and that is exposed in a more differential way.

When the design goes the extra mile

An interior design at the service of people allows reaching the emotional component of spaces.

Betting on the design that not only fulfils the function of being beautiful, but betting on the design that adapts to what a brand needs, is acting smart.

If you need furniture for your retail business, do not hesitate to ask us for a budget without obligation.

Our product specialists will guide you and resolve all your concerns.

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