Architecture that creates emotions

An architect who creates sensations from space, that’s how we could define the protagonist of the post we present today. Héctor Ruiz Velázquez is an architect who overwhelming energy, capable of going beyond the limits of rationality and a defender of the potential of architecture as a creator of emotions.

© Ruiz Velázquez Architecture & Design

He has always been characterized by an inquiring mind that led him from Puerto Rico to train in different countries around the world: The United States, Italy, Spain… This extensive career allowed him to have a great diversity of approaches embodied in projects that always search to multiply space.

This search became a lesson he was able to pass on to his team at Ruiz Velázquez Architecture & Design. The studio has a deserved reputation for being able to create spaces from where it would seem impossible. Always with the aim of ” providing the space for new spatial sensations.” as they describe themselves.

© Ruiz Velázquez Architecture & Design
© Ruiz Velázquez Architecture & Design
Constant Movement

Curved parameters, perception of the elasticity of space, architecture in movement… Ruiz Velázquez is capable of modelling space, reconfiguring it and transforming straight lines into ergonomic spaces.

Just look at his latest work at Casa Decor, Blue Moon, Alvic’s Lounge Bar. This project has been awarded the Casa Decor 2020 prize for Best Designed Space.

A place where we were trapped in a spiral of sensations and emotions. Beyond the concept of the bar and its functionality, Héctor presented us with a game of visual techniques, a distorted reality in which art and design come together to show us the beauty of this imaginary geometry.

And that could be said to describe this very eclectic style: the use of space in an unusual way.

© Decasa
© Casa Decor
Study of details

Even the design of his own house was a sample of the essence and style of the projects of this brilliant architect: dynamic, open spaces, where light not only reigns in principal rooms but also appropriates the entire area, running through it continuously, thanks to the absence of straight walls.

All this would be impossible if it were not for all the previous work. If there is one thing we know about Ruiz Velázquez, it is that he dedicates a great deal of time to the exhaustive study of space, of every square metre. Something he has stated in numerous interviews is that he never leaves anything to chance; he investigates, contrasts and above all, enjoys and lives from every detail in his projects.

“My hours in front of a plane, of a space, are hours lived to the fullest, because in each moment I always look for the best option, to obtain the greatest benefit spatially speaking” Hector Ruiz for Arq/Decó Magazine.

© Ruiz Velázquez Architecture & Design

This dedication allows him to show us a portfolio with varied themes. Brands such as Lladró, Ford or Neolith have trusted him for their flagship stores and events. We can also see his touch in places ranging from luxury villas in Dubai to apartments in Madrid or Barcelona. His projects are different from each other but add to the creation of a style of their own that challenges traditional architecture.

Héctor Ruiz Velázquez is constant reinvention.


In Momocca we want to take advantage of this post to congratulate Hector for his well-deserved award at Casa Decor. His approach to an emotional architecture capable of transmitting sensations is a philosophy that we admire and share. We hope that this award will be a prelude to many more. Congratulations!

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