MOMOCCA launches its new Catalogue presenting the Julia Collection available in three languages: English, Spanish and French. This time, the Valencian brand bets on a direct and functional catalogue conceived to ease the perfect dialogue among the client, the professional and MOMOCCA. You will find the catalogue divided in three parts: Company, New Collection and Technical details.

Besides standing out the values that they have as a Company, the ones they feel identify with and they want to use as firm, they put before the public who they are, their manifesto and their compass. The second section presents the New Julia Collection, its singularities and the values defining and highlighting this collection.

The new catalogue is thought to show all the possibilities of Julia in a very attractive and visual way, leading the way to imagination and the ability to supply every space with its correct piece of furniture.

The document follows a constant rhythm in which you can find alternated images with detailed shots where you can identify the materials shown in every piece.  Giving prominence the design particularities such as its singular curve and the vertical structures characterized by their pure, simple and elegant lines. The matt finish of its metallic thermolacquers contrasts with the brightness of the small details.

Every pictures appears with its reference that allows you to search the model you are interested in and start working with it. The third section is composed by a technical catalogue where you can go further about Julia configurations. With a visual preview about the components you can use to create your piece of furniture, you won’t miss a single possibility to generate a new Julia.

Divided in sideboards, bookcases, TV set furniture, self-supporting selves and desks labeled with references, you will have the perfect guidance to discover the product codes and its dimensions.

Even more. Because Julia is a self-supporting system that allows the user to configure freestanding and double-faced furniture, perfect as a room divider or space distributor as you will see thanks to the extraordinary design direction of ODOSDESIGN. Discover more about the new Julia catalogue:

Momocca Design

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