Despite what may think the most superstitious people out there, the thirteenth time Erico Navaza participates in Casa Décor has brought him a huge grain of happiness and joy. The 54th edition Casa Décor Exhibition has just finished after almost fifty days of exhibitions in the now emblematic Núñez de Balboa 86 building in Madrid. In this time, more than 50,000 visitors have been delighted with creations and proposals for kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, terraces, conceptual spaces, offices and lounges.

And it is precisely in these latter categories that the designer from Burgos, based in Madrid, has displayed the prestige, and the pleasure, of designing the space of the Portuguese Embassy. A Herculean task that he has more than fulfilled. In the exhibition that could be observed until last March 10th, Navazo managed to unite and represent the most characteristic features of the Portuguese country and let them fly in a work of ingenuity, elegance, warmth and honesty.

Portuguese ceramics, cork, swallows, fabrics, wallpapers with motifs that clearly evoke the illustrious facades that can be found strolling through the heart of the Portuguese country, marble, and an innovative combination of sheets of olive root wood in a fantastic wink to the Portuguese cabinetmakers that has earned him the award for Best Original Decorator Design given by Casa Decor.

Portugal seems to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the interior designer, since two years ago he designed a customized garage for the new Range Roger Velar, and although on that occasion, the interior designer chose a space full of light and the combination of marble, volcanic stone and wood that allowed him, once again, to recreate a unique, elegant and sober room, it is irrefutable the evolution of his style until reaching the explosion of light and warmth present in this edition of Casa Decor.

Nicknamed The Quiet Man, evolution and Erico Navazo go hand in hand. And proof of this is his passage through the different editions of Casa Decor since he started with a bedroom in 2002, won the Jury award for Best Project and Best Professional Home Decor in 2017, and repeated this year thanks to its majestic design and distribution of space for the Portuguese Embassy. And although tradition is a recurring motif in his creations, Navaza has not been influenced by the tradition surrounding the thirteenth and has not only been awarded by Casa Decor, but this year has been awarded the AD Interior Designer of the Year.

I would say that my interiors are serene and natural, but above all, human; personal spaces, in which we are at ease, comfortable, that make us feel good.
Erico navazo

At MOMOCCA we are sure that the confluence of its fluid, natural, luminous and warm spaces will continue to bring him great joys in the years to come and, just one year after the twentieth anniversary of the creation of his studio, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Erico on his dazzling professional career. Parabéns, Erico!

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