Five reasons to visit Casa Decor

Casa Decor opens its doors at the same we are open to the New Normal. This highly symbolic analogy is the ideal framework for the reopening of Casa Decor. If you are still hesitating about whether to go or not, we are going to give you five reasons to visit Casa Decor.

1 The latest trends are here.

That’s right if you’re looking for inspiration for your projects or even ideas to decorate your home, Casa Decor is your place. This exhibition is a live catalogue: hotel rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, art galleries and even a loom!

Each space shows the interior design ideas that are already (and will be) a trend, adorned with carefully selected furniture and decoration that we assure you will want for yourself.

Unique and unrepeatable, Casa Decor reinvents itself every year and offers a different experience in each edition.

2 Timeless journey

Entering Casa Decor is to travel at different times. The experience of visiting Casa Decor is so immersive that for a moment you will forget the present to enjoy trips to the past.

Enter in an 18th and 19th century palatial halls as the Habitaca Space or enjoy the 13th-century ambience in L’Entrée (Fabians Ñiguez). You can also join in a journey through classic Greco-Roman architecture thanks to the Roca Space and even the Roarings Twenties have their place in Casa Decor, where the decoration and setting of “The Berries Club” will captivate you.

© Casa Decor · Espacio Roca
© Casa Decor · Espacio VG-Living
3 This is the most sustainable edition

It is impossible not to talk about the fundamental idea of this edition of Casa Decor: sustainability.

The spaces incorporate paintings, materials and furniture that are respectful of the environment. On the other hand, many of these spaces are committed to domotics, technology at the service of the home. A system which promotes energy saving.

The aim is for the conception of new spaces, whether home or contract, to take a more sustainable direction without renouncing design and comfort.

As far as we are concerned, we are already paying attention to maximizing the useful life of our furniture, but, besides, we already have plans for our furniture on display. The experience of Casa Decor goes beyond exhibition time.

© Casa Decor · Espacio Jun
4 Exuberant vegetation

That’s is! Lush vegetation we can find inside. Pia Paisajismo Space “Library in the Forest” or “Natural Abstraction” by Jardinespiteri Space, show us how to get beautiful indoor gardens.

Not to mention the leafy centrepiece of the Thyssen Krupp Space that makes nature the focal point of interior design.

Many of us have wished during the confinement to be able to enjoy gardens and terraces. Casa Decor offers us this solution that has nothing to envy to the best garden.

© Casa Decor · Pía Paisajismo
5 Casa Decor is solidarity

Being aware that Casa Decor is a unique event in Europe, they use its popularity to give visibility to those who need it most.

During all its editions they have dedicated a space to a solidarity project. Casa Decor thus shows its support and gives visibility to different associations that fight against diseases such as cancer, AIDS or Alzheimer’s. This year, the chosen one has been the Aprocor Foundation. Foundation who develops workshops and training for the integration of people with disabilities.

What are you waiting for to find your reasons? Enjoy Casa Decor, only two weeks left! Remember: if you don’t know how to get your ticket we can offer you help and… a discount! Contact us!

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