Home automation in interior design

Technology at the service of the home

This month we are dedicating our post to technology. In particular, to the application of domotics in interior design. Implementation of home automation is expanding to more and more homes. There are already many professionals who bet on this technology as a basis for their projects.

Domotics is technology at the service of home: lighting, air conditioning and even security can be intelligently automated. This way, making homes more efficient and comfortable, but how can home automation be integrated with interior design?

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Many interior design studios already plan their projects with a domestic technology base, giving to the several professional advantages over more “traditional” projects. On the one hand, this element encourages the creativity of the interior designer, so the result is more attractive with more captivating spaces.

On the other hand, home automation helps to achieve the supreme objective of all interior design: performing a particular atmosphere in a space already defined to suit the tastes and needs of a client. Well, domotics fits perfectly into this definition. It exceeds it by far, for the ability to create an environment that will not be static; but will change based on customer needs, adapting to the time, place and even feelings.

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Benefits of home automation

The Room Studio commented recently in this interview about their home automation space at Casa Decor: “Home automation allows you to enjoy the interior design with the five senses”. Adding, “at the push of a button, we make a light scene, which creates a welcoming atmosphere, or which depends on the mood of the guest.”

A room can be beautiful when natural light invades the whole room, but it should not lose that unique or warm atmosphere at dusk or nightfall. Well applied home automation will make your home adapt to your feelings and emotions by programming a series of details, with which you can create different scenes, regardless of the time of day you are.

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That’s right, in addition to its aesthetic role, home automation has a critical functional role in the home. Details we mentioned above are translated, for example, into automatic insulated doors, which ensure our safety, and even facilitate access for people with reduced mobility and which, together with automated blinds, help save energy. Even intelligent furniture and decoration capable of regulating temperature, playing music, informing about what is happening in our city and much more.

As you can see, there are many benefits of domotics in interior design; adding value to the project, through the comfort and control of the user of his own; positively transforming the user’s experience; and favouring energy efficiency.

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Inspiration: home automation projects

If you are looking for inspiration on domotics in interior design, a great showcase has always been Casa Decor. The exhibition brings together the great brands of home automation at the service of interior design. One example is the company Gira, in whose space we collaborate, a hotel room capable of adapting to the feelings of the guest, a suite of changing environments thanks to the automation of home automation.

Do you dare to incorporate home automation in your home?

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