Fluidity and boldness in this interior reform

Fast&Furious Office faced the challenge of dividing a traditional flat in city center of Madrid into three luxury apartments.

These apartments, of 50 square meters each of them, were designed based on two main ideas: on the one hand, the diagonal distribution, keeping the bathroom and the bedroom in opposite positions along this diagonal; on the other hand, the definition of the volumes by curved corners, thus defining a powerful interior design.

The curve as an enveloping element in interior.

The curved corners surround the rooms by creating pleasant, friendly and visually spacious spaces despite their small dimensions.

The two main rooms, the bedroom and the bathroom, are framed by glass carpentry walls, with an amazing execution. Completely transparent glass in the case of the bedroom, and translucent to provide greater privacy in the bathroom.

But the curves are not limited to the vertical walls, but are a constant in all interior design. From the pits in the ceilings to the carpentry that defines the kitchen and auxiliary furniture. Curved forms dominate the entire space.

A singular work (of art) in which any of our models from the Adara Collection would undoubtedly fit perfectly.

Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán and Rocío Romero)

Momocca Design

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