Corporate Wellness what it is and how it can help your company

This is the best corporate wellness package for office wellness

We are all concerned about how to promote people’s wellbeing in the corporate environment, so today we are talking about 3 very relevant concepts to offer the best corporate wellness package.

But first, what is corporate wellness and why does it have such an impact?

Corporate wellness is a business strategy focused mainly on improving productivity.

On the one hand, benefits are offered to employees such as: gym or physio to take care of their physical and mental health, mindfulness, training or fresh fruit to take care of their diet…

On the other hand, there are very positive results after offering this value package. Results such as increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased commitment, etc. are achieved.

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That’s why if a company aims to improve the wellbeing of its employees it has to offer a good corporate wellness package. How do you do that? By following this 3-point scheme:

  • Orient the interior design to improve the quality of life.
  • Choosing furnishings that serve people
  • Selecting the best social benefits to care for employees

Let’s go into detail on these 3 areas, read on to find out the proposals that our team of specialists at Momocca has prepared for you:


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This is not new. Offices are built on the basis of providing spaces that meet the working needs of teams.

Interior design is divided into areas: social, team and individual concentration. Each of these areas responds to specific moments when employees need more or less interaction.

Factors such as lighting, colour, acoustics and furniture design also have an impact here.

If you would like to find out more about this section, there is a digital ebook that is perfect for this purpose.


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Furniture that goes beyond being a good desk or chair. The office needs furniture that provides ergonomics and a domestic aspect with a design that responds to the needs of the person. It includes quality materials that make it durable over time and that also offers versatility, for an easy adaptation.

At Momocca, the furniture is warm and comforting. The curved design is perceived as safe and welcoming with materials that move away from the usual coldness of the office: wood, upholstery and textiles will be great allies. And it is committed to versatility to make life in the working environment easier.


We currently find many options for offering value to employees. We have selected a few proposals that we would like to share with you. Here we go!


Gympass for Corporate Wellness | Momocca

It is a subscription-based platform for accessing gyms, wellness apps or studios. They define themselves as: “the world’s best wellbeing benefit for your team”.

Perfect to offer a benefit focused on physical health. On their website you will find more information and find out about the 5 plans they have available.



An app that offers tailored emotional support for employees. They define themselves as a platform that combines advanced technology with chartered psychologists to create a unique personalised journey, based on the needs of each employee.

Suitable for a benefit focused on mental health. If you are interested, visit their website for more information.



It’s practically all-in-one. A 360 digital solution with occupational health and wellness programmes.

Through its platform you can access the different content offered: physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social and financial health. 6 areas to promote healthy lifestyle habits among employees.

And with all this you now have a clearer idea of what corporate wellness is and how to put together a good package for your employees.

Remember the 3 keys to the perfect office: a good interior design oriented to the needs of the team, furniture that responds to their daily life and that humanises the space, a benefits programme that makes them feel better.

Now you know about corporate wellness and how you can create a good package for your employees.

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