Interiors with concrete

Creating sober, elegant and sincere spaces

When we think of cosy atmospheres, we imagine a space with a strong presence of wood, textiles, soft decoration… and concrete?

September’s Magazine is dedicated to this material with a colder character that has nevertheless managed to adapt to our interiors.

interiorismo brutalista efecto3 momocca aparador

Concrete is no longer hidden

Leaving the structural elements visible is very common in brutalist or industrial interiors. However, more and more interior designers are choosing to make these elements visible, without following these particular styles, attracted by their visual strength.

In addition to their striking aesthetics, exposed concrete beams or pillars, are a perfect tool for separating rooms or creating transitions between spaces.

To counteract the coldness that the material can transmit, we recommend wooden furniture and a careful lighting.

As an example you can see our Brutalism project designed by Efecto3 and the GDP93 project designed by Ventura Estudio.

Interior con viga de hormigón
Ventura Estudio Ph by Juan Baraja
Design Milk - Photo by Earl Carter

Cosy interior with concrete

But concrete in interiors is not just for industrial aesthetics. As a result of the above, this hypnotic combination of warm and cold materials is one of the strong points of more “relaxed”, minimalist styles, or those that seek the beauty of imperfection and textures, such as the Wabi Sabi style.

How is this achieved? As the aim is to leave aside the industrial or brutalist touch to look for a calm interior, concrete will be present in walls or floors, not so much in beams or partitions.

These surfaces must be balanced with the rest of the textures such as wood or polished cement, but without overloading the environment.

Inspírate con estos artículos de Eclectic Trends y Design Milk.

Eclectic Trends Ph: Fran Parente
Bentu Design Zhong lamp
Zhong by BentuDesign
Life in Progress cloc by Lyon Béton

Concrete furniture & decor

We always end our posts with a reference furniture. We have talked about concrete in walls or structural elements, but what about concrete furniture or even decoration?

Its main characteristics are its durability and simplicity. So they are perfect for those areas that require highly resistant furniture, so you can find lamps, fireplaces, bathroom chests of drawers and garden furniture that, along with concrete, can incorporate polished cement.

BD Barcelona Jaime Hayon
Monkey side table by Jaime Hayon

And if you are thinking of these materials as grey and lifeless, you should know that concrete can come in different colours and textures.

Now you know the different applications of concrete in interiors. You have seen that it offers the most diverse solutions, but always aimed at creating sober and very unique environments. Do you dare to incorporate it into your home?

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