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Casa Decor is the most important decoration and interior design exhibition in Spain and, we do not exaggerate when we say that it’s one of the most important in Europe.

It is a live showcase where, on the one hand, you can learn about the latest trends from the best professionals in the sector (both nationally and internationally), and on the other hand, you can have a unique immersive experience in which the visitor is inside the show.

A joint work between professionals and firms in a luxury setting that will count for the first time with the participation of Momocca for what will be its 55th edition.

But… What is Casa Decor?

Imagine the biggest magazine of interior design trends in your hands. A fantastic showcase that brings together the best interior designers and decorators of the moment. Let’s go a step further, imagine going inside this magazine. That’s Casa Decor, a live magazine.

This is how they describe:

``(Casa Decor is) where the visitor comes into contact with the product and establishes a link with it through a pleasant sensory experience and great emotional impact. In this way, the company brings the product closer to the consumer in an empirical and differential way``.

Opening hours

The exhibition is open every day from 5 March to 19 April. It may seem long at first sight, but once inside you must study all the spaces so as not to miss the great work of around 80 professionals in more than 2000m2 of exhibition.

Each edition is unique, both in content, topic and setting. For this reason, Casa Decor chooses an iconic and singular building in Madrid by adapting its rooms for the occasion. This year it will be located in the Velázquez 21 palace-home. A building that boasts an infinite number of architectural details that earned it the title of “The Best Built House” in 1907 and that now, in 2020, will once again be the epicentre of all the glances and the setting for the luxury products of firms such as Momocca.

Momocca at Casa Decor 2020

Momocca will participate in the 55th edition of Casa Decor with a prestigious interior design studio in Barcelona. By providing furniture from Julia and Emma Collection. Both solutions will contribute to the idea projected by the interior design studio that will transform one of the rooms of Velázquez 21 into an elegant space.

Being selected for this event, Momocca reaches a milestone in its brief but intense career. An event that promises to overcome the record numbers achieved in its previous edition.


Image Credits: Casa Decor Oficial
– Bar NB86 (Impar Capital) X  Impar Arquitectura & Management.
– Wonder Galaxy Dressing Room X Patricia Bustos de la Torre.
– Casa Decor Building.

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