Details that make you fall in love

Casa Decor always arouses interest and curiosity; especially in its choice of building that host the Exhibition. In this edition, an early 20th century palace-home will the setting for the great exhibition. This building is located in Velázquez 21, in the well-known Madrid neighbourhood of Salamanca.

This Palace House in Velázquez 21 is one of the hidden jewels that Madrid possesses. A combination of aesthetic trends runs through both its facade and its interior architecture. Its cylindrical tower stands out, so typical of French architectural trends at the beginning of the 20th century. Its facade is decorated with plant designs, organic shapes, arches, capitals and small flashes of Belgian and Italian trends. A true representation of Madrid’s eclectic style.

A work of art designed by José Espelíus, the same architect who designed others well-known buildings in Madrid such as the Ideal Cinema, the Las Ventas Bullring or the Zarzuela and Reina Victoria theatres.

“Details that make you fall in love”

This building has a certain component of surprise and mystery that makes it really unique. It’s partly because of the details inside. Casa Decor warns, these details make you fall in love.

First of all, as they are noble houses, light is the great protagonist. Through the large windows to the outside, light filters through to illuminate the ornamental details in the high ceilings. These mouldings use geometric shapes and natural motifs. We are sure that they will be one of the details that will attract the most attention in the building that will house Casa Decor 2020.

Another important element in the building is the use of natural wood. It is present both in the floor of the rooms and in the doors. These doors, many of which are original from the period, contain reliefs and unify materials harmoniously. You only have to look at the glazed top or the bronze and brass handles, latches and knobs.

We could go on commenting on the details of this wonderful building, but we want you to discover them for yourselves. We assure you that words do not do justice to this emblematic building.

A look at the past focused on the future

What we can certainly advance is that this building is full of symbolism: the past will be part of a more efficient future in this edition of Casa Decor 2020.

Original details that join to an interior design that shows the most avant-garde trends and where Momocca has the privilege of participating with its timeless collections.

Like Casa Decor we will bet as always, for the sustainability of an environment, which now more than ever, needs our help.


Images credits: Casa Decor – El Edificio

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