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The new edition of Casa Decor promises to be very special. You know that we will attend with all our collections, in various spaces and with different interior designs. While that moment arrives, today we talk about the iconic building of Casa Decor 2021: Tomás Allende House.

Every year a striking building is chosen, but this year’s could not be more symbolic. It reflects very well how Casa Decor is, different materials and compositions that converge in a result that surprises, excites and captivates.

Tomás Allende House is a building designed by the architect Leonardo Rucabado for the businessman Tomás Allende. This building follows the regionalist trend of the 19th century and reveals authentic treasures both in its façade and in its spacious interiors.

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The façade

Dozens of posts could be created just detailing the façade. The Casa Decor 2021 building has a large number of ornamental and sculptural elements that make it one of the most exuberant buildings in Madrid. Heralds, emblems, and coats of arms typical of the most traditional architecture combined with Mudejar-style brickwork and excellent ceramic work, wrought ironwork and stained glass.

If these details captivate you, wait until you see its fantastic viewpoint. It is impossible not to notice this element inspired by Cantabrian construction. If before we were praising the virtues of colder materials, now it is the turn of wood. A work of cabinetmaking that surprises for its delicacy and good taste.

Our advice is that if you can, try to take a closer look at the ceramic work, the sculptures, the mosaics that ceramic and brickwork form around the building.


As we enter the building what surprises us is the exquisite metalwork and blacksmithing, which offers us a whole tour of historical figures in bronze. History plays an important role in the inspiration of this building.

Other elements of the interior that stand out are the high ceilings and their mouldings, the pine floor and the imposing stained-glass doors and windows, all of which add up to create a stately air that can be breathed in every step we take in La Casa de Tomás Allende.

Now, the Casa Decor building awakens from its lethargy and fills with life, inspiration, and trends. Returning to what we mentioned at the beginning, the Casa de Tomás Allende reflects the spirit of Casa Decor. The building is a sample of the best work of 19th century craftsmen. Now, two centuries later, it is once again making the same call to bring together the most important professionals and firms to showcase incredible works in the service of interior design.

Image credits: Casa Decor

Stay tuned to our communication channels, we will be announcing news about Casa Decor very soon.

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