Arboform, liquid wood furniture

Sustainability is more present than ever, both designers and consumers are opting for more sustainable models. And that means reducing plastic consumption. But what alternatives do we have? Today we are talking about Arboform, the liquid wood.

Arboform, awarded innovation

Although the material was presented in 2010, there are still many people who are unaware of this innovation. A material which allowed its inventors, Jürgen Pfitzer and Helmut Nägal (Tecnaro), to win the European inventors’ prize in this year.

Arboform has the appearance and base of wood, but with the advantage of modularity. That’s it! Arboform is easily mouldable as plastic. Its composition is completely organic: from lignin (leftover material from paper manufacturing), linen, fibres, resins and other additives of natural origin.

It is considered as the successor of plastic, “the green alternative” which, due to its appearance and malleability, offers great design possibilities.

Impossible Wood, the liquid wood chair

The well-known designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien were so impressed for this material that they made the Impossible Wood chair for the Italian firm Moroso, presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

Its name is due to the fact that due to its shape and physiognomy it could not be manufactured in any other way than by injection moulding. The chair, with its typically traditional conception, is reinvented by means of a backrest and seat that are a single piece with the appearance and texture of curved wood. This is only possible with Arboform, the liquid wood, which is in charge of showing a chair with these unique characteristics.

Doshi Levien was inspired for this creation by the work of the artist Martin Puryear, specifically the Cedar Lodge sculpture. A work that is composed of thin wooden strips, parallel and attached to horizontal rings.

According to Doshi and Levien’s philosophy, they bring together in the same design technology, culture, industrial design and fine craftsmanship; the result is Impossible Wood  where the innovation of the Arboform is united with a very careful design and aesthetics.

We were intrigued by the depth and texture of the material that is the opposite of slick, homogenous, surface perfect plastic, currently used for most moulded chairs. Doshi Levien, designers.

The sustainability of furniture

Wood is one of the most demanded elements of furniture manufacturing. Its qualities are appreciated above all for its versatility and the warmth it brings to the environment. Our collections can be adapted to this type of materiality due to its characteristics, transforming the furniture into durable and sustainable products.

On the other hand, Arboform is presented as an alternative and solution to take into account for all those pieces that, due to their physiognomy, cannot opt for natural wood. Moreover, it is biodegradable and totally respectful with the environment.

As you can see, all are advantages faced with this new green future that furniture sector presents us.


  • Impossible wood by Moroso
  • Doshi Levien’s portrait by Doshi Lebien
  • Arboform image by Solidsmack
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