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Who doesn’t want to live in a space that breathes wellbeing? This house was designed with comfort and convenience.

Aresan, a construction company, together with the architecture studio Santafe Arquitectos, design this spacious home aimed at achieving the happiness of those who live in it.

The project is based on the use of pure and natural materials such as stone and wood which, when well lit, create a space of great warmth.
Borja Santafé Maibach

To this end, the aim is to connect the spaces through a neutral colour palette with a predominance of whites and greys on the floors and walls. To add warmth, oak wood is used in the furniture and other elements of the house.

Neutral colours help us to highlight the really important elements in these rooms: the furniture and the lamps. The space, together with the light, showcases these elements, highlighting them and giving them the prominence of the room.
Borja Santafé Maibach

At the same time, great importance is attached to the garden area, as large windows are placed in the interior with the intention of making the outside nature part of the interior. The living room and dining room are thus enlarged.


In this project we find a white lacquered Adara sideboard for one of the passage areas, which is enhanced by the prominence of its design.

We can also see two other Adara sideboards, in Skin oak wood and Dekton Opera porcelain and golden legs.

These configurations share the limelight with the large Dania dining table. The scene is completed by the Dania armchairs that combine upholstery with milled wood.

By joining all the components, together with the ceiling lamp, it is possible to break the purity of the straight lines, bringing dynamism and balance to the whole scene. The finishes, which harmonise with the rest of the elements of the home such as the sliding doors or the backlit milled wood chandelier that enriches the space.

Finally, in one of the bedrooms there is a Julia bookcase with a golden structure and upholstered panels. Although Julia is based on a free and transparent design,privacy is taken into account, integrating a hidden storage box.

In addition, a coat rack and a mirror are added to this configuration, converting it into an elegant and practical dressing room.

The configuration of Julia repeats the same finishes both in the rest of the Momocca Collections and in the space itself. Thus, attention is paid to all the details regardless of the area of the home in which we find ourselves.

Momocca fits perfectly into the project as the philosophy of the collections is exactly the same as that of the project, basic materials and design lines that give warmth to the environment.
Borja Santafé Maibach

We would like to thank Borja Santafé for his time and photos to illustrate this project, as well as his trust for choosing us for a project of these characteristics.

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