The Passage, boutique apartments

Comfort, warmth and sophistication


Right in the centre of San Sebastian we find this residential building that has been converted into a tourist apartment complex with a cosy and well-cared aesthetic.

Habitación hotel boutique de diseño Momocca

The Passage now has 16 renovated flats with a sophisticated air in which Momocca has participated with the incorporation of its Julia and Adara Collections.

The project stems from the need to create accommodation that offers an added experience to the visitor. The Passage combines the best of luxury hotels with the feeling and comfort of being at home: comfort, warmth, and sophistication.

Salón apartamento boutique The Passage - Mueble de televisor Adara
Cocina apartamento boutique
Habitación hotel boutique con mobiliario Momocca

Each flat has a good dose of natural light coupled with a serene décor that is not overdone and a well thought out selection of furnishings that coincide with rounded shapes and organic designs.

Estanteria divisor espacios vestidores especial Momocca Julia

The Julia Collection brings together in its configuration everything necessary to transmit that point of sophistication together with the warmth of the home. For this purpose, shelves and dressers are chosen in “Smoked” oak wood with a gold metallic lacquer structure and are completed with upholstered panels by Crevin Matiss in light colours.

The light passes through the shelving, thus maintaining the luminosity of the space, to which golden sparkles are added. The warmth is provided by the wood and the upholstery which, when combined with the golden colour, create an elegant configuration that is not at odds with the essence of comfort that is sought after in the bedroom.

In some of the departments you can see how their configuration has been adapted to unusual places.

The Passage Apartamento boutique - mueble tv Momocca

For Adara, oak sideboards are chosen, also Smoked to match Julia, with smooth doors. The sideboard body contrasts with a lighter Dekton Entzo surface. In this way, Adara shows an honest design, which incorporates the predominant colours of the rooms in its configuration.

The result is a fully functional storage unit that also complements the TV area.

Estantería vestidor en apartamento turístico · Momocca

White, grey and neutral tones predominate in the rooms, a discreet colour palette in which touches of bright colours stand out in the armchairs.

The prominence given to natural finishes stands out, with wood as the star material, all in harmony to generate a perception of relaxation that will surely influence a good rest and disconnection of the visitor.

Estantería paneles tapizados Momocca · Apartamentos The Passage
The Passage Apartamento boutique · Colección Julia y Adara Momocca

Photography: ©Hervé Gautier

In this case Momocca, through the Julia and Adara Collections, has managed to bring this homey component to this contract space.

Momocca in this project