In Casa Decor 2021 we participate in two very different spaces. One of them is the Long Island: Summer of 1922 hall.

A space that recreates the mansion of the Great Gatsby. This space is a reflection of the glamour, luxury and debauchery of the roarings 20’s. In it we can see a symmetrical hall, with two environments, in which two sideboards from the Adara Collection are located.

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In addition to the Long Island: Summer of 1922 foyer, we also had a furniture exhibition in the Hölos suite.

A modern space where innovation and nature went hand in hand to create a suite designed for body and mind to enjoy an environment of calm and wellbeing.

In this space, we can admire Julia, Emma and Olga collections.

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Casa Decor, dedicates its 55th edition to sustainability and the environment.

Momocca participates in this edition as Product Placement in the space of Gira Ibérica, designed by The Room Studio. A sober and elegant hotel suite where technology and natural elements have an important role.

Julia and Emma Collections are perfectly integrated in the philosophy of this space.

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The increase in the number of exhibiting companies and visitors at this year’s edition confirms the importance of this fair for the sector.

For its part, Momocca is consolidating its growth by presenting its third collection in the third year of participation: Emma, a set of fully configurable side tables.

In addition to Emma, Julia and Adara show their novelties in terms of finishes and functionalities.

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Habitat 2018 was once again an important bet of many companies that took advantage of this luxurious setting to present their new products.

One of them was Momocca, who used her time at the Fair to present its second collection: Julia. A modular shelving system capable of becoming a bench, sideboard, television furniture, bookcase and even a dressing room.

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Feria Hábitat 2017 means a qualitative leap in terms of exhibitors and that translates into more qualified visitors. This change in trends at Habitat coincides with the start of a new Momocca; modular furniture with character capable of surprising visitors with its versatility and innovation.

Momocca chooses the most important furniture fair in Valencia to make itself known with its first collection: Adara, a sideboard system with a curved corner and an honest and sincere design.